Town Manager Stevie Cox's public apology

On the afternoon of March 15, 2011, I was returning to Chadbourn from Raleigh with the Mayor of Chadbourn and two ABC Board members. We had been to the North Carolina General Assembly to meet with State House Representative Dewey Hill and State Senator Bill Rabon. I did not realize that the speed zone had changed, when I was stopped, I was driving Chadbourn Police Chief Steven Shaw's unmarked patrol vehicle. The Town's official car was in a bad state of repair and Chief Shaw was out on sick leave.

After Trooper Walker approached the vehicle, I gave him my license, the vehicle's registration and insurance information. Also, during the stop I removed Chief Shaw's badge and presented it to Trooper Walker. My intention was to identify myself as a member of the town of Chadbourn, not the chief of police. I now realize that my behavior created confusion by my own doing, and for that I am deeply sorry.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the people of the Town of Chadbourn and Columbus County fro the misunderstanding that took place on that day. I understand that as a public servant I am not above the law and held to a higher standard. I apologize for how this incident has reflected on my position, the town of Chadbourn, and the county of Columbus. It is my hope that I can now put this matter behind me and get on with my life in trying to serve the citizens of Chadbourn as their Town Manager.

Stevie Cox
Chadbourn Town Manager