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Another woman shares her encounter with a fake cop

With news of a cop impersonator on the loose, another woman has come forward to share her story.

Being as unsettled as she is about the incident, we'll refer to her as Jane Doe for the sake of telling her story.

Jane says that she was headed home from work around 5 p.m. on February 5th when she was signaled to pull over for running a red light.  She said the incident took place on Broadway near I-490.

With flashing lights in her rear view mirror, she complied with the signal to stop her car.

"I had no reason to doubt him stopping me because it was a traffic violation," said Jane.

She said she pulled over for what she thought was a cop in an unmarked car and once he was at her door, he asked to see her license.

"But he didn't have a badge.  Didn't question it because thought he was undercover," said Jane.

"He goes, look, I don't want to shoot you and I don't want you to shoot me so you have to be careful in this neighborhood."

Turns out, not far away at Korman and East 79th Street, almost two weeks later, another woman would tell Cleveland Police a cop impersonator pulled her over and that she had been sexually assaulted.

"Now I wonder is he out there? Is this the man who did this to this woman?  This man--nothing distinctive about him, blonde hair, 35ish, black leather jacket.  If he raped that girl that was his MO, to me that means he was looking, scouting for someone young," said Jane.

In hindsight, she was really rattled when she realized he didn't ask for proof of insurance and registration and then there's this…

"Then he pulled away with no license on the back, rusted bumper brown Buick four door.  Oh and he beeped the horn too when he left, like see ya!"

It took us no time at all to find a smorgasbord of fake police paraphernalia on the web.

We discovered anyone can buy flashing light bars including blue ones, leather jackets and uniforms with  "police" on them.  Anyone can dress up in a cop's uniform, complete with badges and anything else you're used to seeing on a real officer.

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