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Pulled over and sexually assaulted by a cop impersonator

Just the thought of a police impersonator cruising the area of Korman and East 79th street has some neighbors hoping the worst is not true.

Unconfirmed reports surfaced Saturday, February 16, 2013, of a woman pulled over by a police impersonator who directed her to a back alley where she was sexually assaulted.

Police officers spoke with off record and said they were aware of some sort of criminal activity that occurred on Korman but directed all questions to the department's public information officer.

The woman reported her assailant looked like a cop, complete with flashing lights and everything.

In fact, experts say police impersonators depend on their victims being conditioned.

Police impersonators are widely documented.

A similar incident happened in November of 2010 when a police impersonator used a fake badge and uniform to stop a woman near east 305th.

Part of the problem is that police gear is easily bought on the internet and it's hard to tell the fake from the genuine.

If there are ever any questions about the officer's authenticity, first call 911 on a cell phone and tell the dispatcher about any concerns.

Second-- don't stop. Keep driving to a well lighted area, preferably with lots of people.

When you do stop, keep the car's engine running, crack the window and ask to see the officer's badge.

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