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DOT prepares for winter weather

NCDOT crews prepare for winter weather NCDOT crews prepare for winter weather

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – The North Carolina Department of Transportation is preparing for winter weather that is expected to arrive tomorrow evening.

Crews are on standby for the storm. They spent much of the day Friday getting their trucks and equipment ready.

Usually, in advance of winter weather, crews can put down a salt-brine mixture on the roads, which is essentially liquid salt. It sticks to the streets and prevents ice from forming.

However, since it looks like it will be a rain event first, the brine would just get washed off of the roads.

Instead, crews plan to monitor the roadways and will use a salt/sand mixture on areas that get icy.

David Thomas, state DOT division maintenance engineer, said they expect this winter weather to impact bridges and overpasses.

Crews will formulate their exact plan of attack Saturday afternoon, based on the latest forecast.

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