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NC secretary of transportation talks about issues facing the state

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Friday, for the first time, an appointee in newly elected Governor Pat McCory's office, visited our region.      

While state secretary of transportation Tony Tata shook hands and met new faces at Landfall Country Club, he also talked about how he will tackle problems like long lines at DMV offices.

"We're going to begin, March 2nd with a few DMVs one area east of 95, one area in the center of the state, and one area west of 85 are going to have Saturday hours." Said Tata.

Repairing the rail system is another issue facing Tata. Recently, democrat Susi Hamilton and republican Rick Catlin sponsored a bill called The Restore Wallace to Wilmington Railroad Bill. Which calls on the DOT to find $65,000,000 to restore rail connections.

"With regarding to the specific bill that's being proposed, we're with lawmakers to make sure that takes the shape that we want it to take. So it will be a joint effort between us." Said Tata.

Some local officials in our region have backed a proposed Cape Fear Skyway Bridge, which would cost $1,000,000,000. 
"Big projects like that as important as they may seem, we have to really look at how we're going to pay them. Do we begin a tolling concept. Do we begin other discussions on how to raise revenue, public private partnerships and so forth." added Tata.

Tata says, this Friday he met with some officials in Brunswick County and he is aware of concerns regarding the closure of a bridge off Midway Road that's used as an evacuation route. 

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