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Pender commissioner calls for deeper look into animal shelter policies

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - After finding out that more than 600 cats were euthanized and then sold to LBS Biological, INC from March of last year into this January, commissioner Jimmy Tate is calling for a deeper look into the Pender County Animal Shelter's Policies.

Brunswick County and New Hanover County have a similar agreement with LBS Biological, INC, but Tate says he was surprised when he heard the news and thinks the exchange, and number of cats, should have been made more clear.

"I think we need to call for a better understanding and communication and make sure everything and everyone has a better idea about what goes on over at the shelter," said Tate. 

County staff informed Tate that the majority of the cats were not adoptable, and Pender County has a low euthanasia rate when compared to area counties. Tate says he wants to look into it and make sure everything possible is being done to adopt the animals.

"We now need to make those numbers lower in the future, can we spend taxpayer dollars making non-adoptable animals adoptable? These are questions I have," said Tate.  It's not just the euthanasia rate, Tate says he has heard additional complaints from shelter volunteers and wants to push commissioners to investigate those issues as well.

"We've got to look into this and see what is rumor and what is fact, because the volunteers are expressing a lot of issues to us right now, it is our due diligence to look into these," said Tate.

He says as Pender County Commissioners draft up an animal shelter policy, there should be strong guidelines when it comes to adoptions. He also wants the board to play a larger role in the shelter's future.

Commissioners will debate adopting a policy into effect during their next meeting.

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