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My Turn: Many agree licensing and registration for mopeds is good

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I knew my comments on the proposed moped legislation would light up my inbox.  And for a week that is supposed to be all about love, some of you weren't showing much love for the moped owners.

By a two to one margin, most agreed that the legislation aimed at licensing and registration for mopeds is a good first step. 

Safety, liability, taxing fairness, all the way to environmental issues and inconvenience were linked to arguments on both sides of this.

Some pointed out that many moped riders are people who have lost their licenses because of drunk driving convictions.  And I couldn't find a whole lot of love in those emails either. 

But most of the folks who disagreed with me and want to keep the laws as they are for mopeds also point out that bicycles have been allowed on our highways for years.  One person made a very good point with this email:  "I'd like to see you go from Wilmington to Southport without getting on a road with a posted speed limit higher than 30 mph. Oh wait, you can't."

And I received an email from a person that would like to take to the airwaves to share his thoughts on this.  And he puts a twist on it that I hadn't considered.  We'll hear from him one week from today in a "Guest My Turn" segment.  Please try to join us. 

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