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Study: 'Revolution' third deadliest show on television

(Source: NBC) (Source: NBC)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The Walking Dead may be the deadliest show on TV, according to, but NBC's Revolution isn't too far behind. looked at the body count on 40 television series during the fall 2012 season for it's second annual "TV Body Count Study."

Revolution had a grand total of 86 deaths, falling behind Strike Back with 208 and The Walking Dead with a total of 304.

According to, the study found guns were the weapon of choice of most shows, making up 44 percent of the fatalities in the study. Knives were next on the list, making up 19 percent of the deaths.

Here are some of the study's key findings:

Men were hit the hardest. Males represented 86% of the dead bodies observed in the study. While females experienced much fewer onscreen deaths, they were most likely to be killed by means other than a gun, including beatings and strangulation.

Portrayals of death on TV appear to be on the rise. The 40 TV series included in the study, in total, averaged nearly 5 dead bodies per episode. This was a 12% increase over the body count results from the previous study conducted earlier in the year.

All the shows studied were deadly but a few took it to another level. The top 3 shows had 598 dead bodies or 40% of the total bodies counted. They averaged 25 bodies per episode. While not at that level, the remaining 37 shows still averaged over 3 dead bodies per episode.

Action/adventure shows were the deadliest averaging nearly 15 dead bodies per episode, followed by science fiction/fantasy shows averaging almost 10 dead bodies per episode. Crime/courtroom dramas averaged less than 3 dead bodies per episode.

The dead are rarely mourned, and there are few funerals on TV. This study observed 11 funerals. This is up slightly over the 8 that were seen in the previous study.

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