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Saturday concerts not music to residents' ears in Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - Board members rejected a plan for a live concert series that would be held in Carolina Beach.

Brett Keeler, who lives in the community, presented a plan for "Live at the Lake" concerts, which would be held on Saturdays starting in May and lasting through the summer.

Keeler said the event would attract those who come to the beach to get "heads out of beds and feet on the street." He believes that it would be a boost to local businesses. Keeler modeled the plan after the Downtown Sundown concerts in Wilmington, which he said has been a success for businesses there.

However, board members expressed concerns about the concert taking business away from bars and restaurants that are generally busy on Saturdays.

The concert would serve food and alcohol. Business owners spoke out about the plan, saying it won't provide a boost.

One resident said that the only benefit would be to the town's mosquitoes. There were also concerns about noise and parking. One business owner said it would turn into a "drunk-fest" at the lake.

In the end, council members rejected the plan saying there was too much opposition against it.

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