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Freshmen face new graduation requirement

A course for incoming freshmen is now mandatory at UNCW. A course for incoming freshmen is now mandatory at UNCW.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Freshmen at UNCW are facing new curriculum and graduation requirements.

College life is hard enough for any freshman, but a new course requirement could stress out new kids on campus.

The university has been offering a class called "First-Year Seminar" for incoming freshman.

For years, the class was optional and it was aimed at helping new students get acclimated to college life.

New students would opt to take the class for one credit, but now there are new rules.

FYS is now mandatory for all incoming students at UNCW.

The course will now be worth three credits.

It will incorporate a number of lessons including a health and wellness component.

The health component will address lifetime wellness, health risks and campus resources for optimum health. Officials tell things such as nutrition, sleep and sex education could be discussed as a part of this component.

University officials say research and feedback showed this introductory class was beneficial in getting new students adjusted to college life.

Officials say the topics discussed will be decided by the course instructor.

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