Elephant Dung Paper

As most of you know, whenever I run across something really odd or quirky while gleaning the news sources, I like to pass it along, fearful that it might be overlooked, and pass into the dustbin of journalism, unknown and unappreciated. Are you ready for dung letters?

The Millennium Elephant Foundation is producing stationery made from elephant dung. Why they thought there'd be a big demand for it, they didn't say. The writing paper comes in a variety of colors, depending on the diet, age, and dental health of the dung-producing pachyderm. And before you blurt out "yuk," let me point out that not only is it colorful, it has no odor, and paper has always been made from a pulp of wood, or grasses, or grains, and that's pretty much what elephants eat, and "process."

Ordinary paper-making is a pretty smelly operation too, until the end product is de-smellified (I made up that word). So, if you buy a box of elephant dung stationery, you're more than writing a letter--you're making a statement. The Millennium Elephant Foundation is based in Sri Lanka, and proceeds will benefit an elephant orphanage. That's a good cause, because, as they point out, there are only about 3,000 elephants left in the wild.  There's the reason to buy dung stationery! During a state visit, the President of Sri Lanka gave some to President Bush, but I don't know if he ever used it.