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'America Now' host Leeza Gibbons reinvents herself in new book

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Television host Leeza Gibbons is sharing life lessons in a new book. The ‘America Now' host talks about reinventing yourself, taking ownership of your life, and even gives some homemade beauty tips.

Leeza Gibbons talked with Michelle Li who was also hosting a Google Plus hangout, and here's a snippet of the interview:

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Tell us how things are going at 'America Now' -

I love 'America Now.' I mean, come on, this is like a dream job to be able to take so many varieties, so many topics, so many kinds of stories and offer it up in a way that makes sense for people and put it to use in their lives right away. You know, we say, ‘it's news you can really use' and that's true. That's true. 

I've seen you with a lot of homemade beauty remedies. Do you come up with those yourself?

It's so funny. I've sort of fell into these celebrity-inspired homegrown beauty tips using things from your pantry, lots of lemons, lots of avocados, and eggs and all kinds of things that are really great, very effective beauty treatments. Some of them come from the website, some of them come from Facebook, some of them come from my mom who used to actually wrap my hair. I had the most stringy hair.  She'd wrap it in beer, mayonnaise and eggs. Hey, it worked!

Any specific kind of beer?

A lot of people find that after you get build up on your hair for so long that the beer is a really great thing to strip all of that extraneous product that dull down your shine. Hysterical that I'm giving you the full-on beauty tips, oh my gosh!

Watch what Leeza says about caretakers finding balance in their lives

Congrats on your new book, 'Take Two'.  Give us the biggest take away.

I wrote 'Take Two' because I think at some point in life we lose ourselves a bit. And, along the way we need a little tune up, a little tweek, maybe we need a major transformation or maybe we just need to take charge. I've found a lot of people say, 'Well, I'm resentful, or I'm angry and that's not me. Or I don't know when I started letting people take advantage of me. You know I'm a people pleaser, and I want to reign that back in.' All kinds of reasons to call for another take, and any time is a good time for a re-do.  I think we need to give ourselves permission to recognize 'this is my life, these are my rules', and as soon as you show up in that way, everyone around you will start treating you differently.

You wrote, 'sometimes when you say yes to other people, you say no to yourself' -

I think that we want to say yes to things. Yes feels good. You know, we want to be liked, we want to get along, we want to nurture situations. Many times when we say yes to others, we say are saying no to ourselves because it's taking our time away from things that we value more. We consider ourselves to be pushovers who once again got roped into something, and then we lose respect for ourselves. So, I think that before you say yes, see if it fits into what, I call, your empowerment system. That's what yes stands for to me. And, if it empowers you, if it makes you feel confident, if it makes you feel validated, then say yes to it. But, if it doesn't, then I think you should say no and just not look the other way. I'm all about no regrets, no excuses, no looking back. But to do that, you really do have to be the person in the driver's seat of your own life.

You mention taking ownership in your life. What did you mean by that?

I think you have to start with making a promise to yourself. I think you have to get very clear about 'What do I care about now?' We get stuck in the past. We think about 'When I left college, this was my dream. And then when I got married, this is what I wanted.' And, you know, life kind of layers up, and it gets fuzzy. So, step number one of taking ownership of your life is taking inventory, write a mission statement - what do you want your life to stand for? Not a goal list, but a mission statement. And, there are a lot of people who work well with vision boards, they like visuals... if you are the kind of person that rolls your eyes at that, try it. Try it. And, try saying what you want out loud. I do it on the treadmill or when I'm walking , cause what we know with our brain is whatever we say with the greatest energy, and if we say it out loud, it gets more deeply embedded somewhere in our cellular DNA or our emotional thumbprint. So, I think that those are good first steps just to get honest with yourself about who am I now, who do I want to be and really releasing the parts that you don't like--changing the energy in your life so that you can ring in what you want to be.

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