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Learn what it's like to save lives through academy

WILMINGTON,NC (WECT)- A lot of people can admit to working a stressful job-- but what if you had to put your life on the line as a profession? The annual Wilmington Police and Fire Citizen's Academy gives citizens an up close look at what it takes to save lives.

Those who sign up for the academy will get the chance to learn the in's and out's of the Wilmington Fire Department and the Wilmington Police Department.

After getting introductory tours of the facilities, the sessions get more intense.

From Crime Scene Investigation demonstrations to taking a ride on the fire department boat, emergency responders try to make the experience as real as possible for students.

Trying on different types of life-saving gear is part of the process, too. Students will wear HAZMAT gear, fire gear and SWAT gear-- using the breathing apparatuses too, for the full effect.

A trip to the gun range is also part of the academy. After a firearm safety course, participants will head out to the range to fire the guns.

The academy starts March 14 and runs every Thursday from 6-9 P.M. through May 2.

Contact Michele Singer at 910-772-4131 or michele.singer@wilmingtonnc.gov for any questions.

For an application to the Citizen's Academy, which is free, head to the City of Wilmington website.

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