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UNCW fitness center reopens, construction continues

UNCW - (WECT) - The $35 million project to expand the Student Recreation Center is taking longer than expected, and some students say they are tired of sweating it out.

The gym expansion was supposed to be finished in September of 2012, however, it's still not done and school leaders say it could be another month or longer before the new center opens up. They say that the weather and other construction issues have caused the delay, but some students say they are tired of waiting.

On December 10, the Student Resource Center closed completely, so that work could be done on the expansion. When students got back from winter break, that work still wasn't done, meaning they didn't really have a place to work out.  The school partnered with Gold's Gym to let students work out there, but many said it wasn't worth the drive.

"It's been pretty hard because I've had to run outside and it's cold out," said Amy Miller. She said she went to Gold's once but it was crowded and the only open machines were broken.

"It was overcrowded and I felt like I was an inconvenient," said Samantha Hambel.  The original portion of the fitness center reopened on Thursday, however it was a modified gym, and some of the equipment was already moved over to the new part of the building which hasn't opened yet.  School leaders say, because of that, students will be allowed to use Gold's through March.

Some students say they are excited about the new center, which will feature two pools and twice the amount of workout equipment.  Others however, say it's not worth the wait.

"It's frustrating because I'm about to graduate, and I don't know if I'll actually be able to use it," said senior Paula Isles.

The new facility is being paid for by student fees.

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