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Fake veterinarian awaits verdict

Brandi Tomko Brandi Tomko

The bench trial for the woman accused of pretending to be a veterinarian, finished on Thursday.

Summit County Common Pleas Court Judge Paul Gallagher will deliver the verdict for Brandi Tomko at 9 a.m. Friday.

Tomko allegedly pretended to be a veterinarian at C & D Animal Hospital in Akron. She was indicted on more than 30 counts of cruelty and injury to animals along with drugs and identity theft.

Akron Police say Tomko wrote prescriptions and even performed surgery on animals, but she is not listed as a licensed veterinarian or vet tech.

The Stone family of Massillon says the office clerk didn't take proper care of their kitten Tigger.  The kitten died after being neutered and declawed.

The pet was a gift for their mentally challenged daughter.  Sharon Stone says,"She didn't understand, she's got down syndrome, it's not like she could process what death was.  She's never lost an animal before. 

Tomko was left in charge of the animal hospital when the owner left the state for a while. She quickly ran the business into the ground, and when she stopped paying the legitimate veterinarians who worked there, they quit.  According to police, Tomko couldn't let the doors close because she needed the cash for drugs.

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