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Reports: Father pays daughter $200 to stay off Facebook

(WECT) – A father in Massachusetts has a contractual agreement with his daughter to quit using Facebook cold turkey, and the dad says it was all her idea.

According to report from the Daily News, 14-year-old Rachel Baier agreed to stay off the social media site until the school year ends in June. In exchange, the teen will receive $200.

Her father, Paul Baier, drew up an official "Facebook Deactivation Agreement" in which they both signed, approving the terms. He then posted a copy of the contract on his blog. In the blog post Paul says the agreement was his daughter's idea in which he "fully supports."

According to the contract in the blog post, Rachel will give her father full access to her Facebook page "to change the password and to deactivate the account."

The contract posted online says Rachel will get two payments over the course of the agreement. At the end, the teen says she plans to use the money for "stuff."

According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, "61 percent of current Facebook users admitted that they had voluntarily taken breaks from the site."

The study found the main reasons from taking a "Facebook vacation" were attributed to not having enough time to dedicate to their profiles, a disinterest in the site, and the general feeling that the social media site is just a waste of time.

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