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Sister faces charges for Nerf gun incident at school

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The case of a sister picking up her little brother from school in Wilmington is working its way through the judicial system.

When Jasmine Hoskins walked into Alderman Elementary at the end of the school day with a Nerf gun, she attracted the attention of at least one teacher. Kathy Hauglie approached Hoskins and took the toy gun from her, according to arrest warrants.

That's when Hoskins pushed the teacher, according to the court document. She reportedly left yelling and cursing, which caused confusion for students and staff.

Dr. Rick Holliday, Assistant Superintendent, said the school employee did what she was supposed to do. He said the toy gun was not a problem, but Hoskin's actions were.

"It was inappropriate," he said.

Hoskins is banned from all campuses under New Hanover County Schools. The action is a last resort for people who break the school system's civility policy.

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office is aware of the December 14 incident. A spokesperson said the School Resource Officer at the school did not file charges because he did not witness what happened.

That did not stop Hauglie from pressing charges herself. Wilmington police officers arrested Hoskins on January 8. She is charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

The school system will support Hauglie through her case, according to Holliday.

*A correction to an earlier report of this story. Calls to the school system were returned Monday, but not immediately received due to a technical problem of the reporter.

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