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The Perfect Match: It's a miracle this ETX family needed


On Sunday, KLTV told the story of Noel Franks who is suffering from renal failure; with 85% kidney loss, doctors said he needs a transplant, something his wife Brandi can help him with.

It turns out Brandi is an exact match. Their East Texas community is holding a fundraiser Saturday night to help pay for the medical costs. 

"I was going to go into the Air Force and when I went to go through the process, they found some stuff wrong with the blood work," Noel explained. 

Eventually, Noel was put on the transplant list and was just two weeks away from receiving a kidney when he received a shocking phone call.

"The nurse called on a Monday morning and she said, "Mr. Franks what have you  been doing different?" And I said, "Praying, talking to God, riding my bike' and she said, 'Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because your function went up," Noel explained. 

And it stayed that way for eight years. Then his health began to plummet. Noel needed a kidney.  

They had never tested his wife. 

"The first time, whenever they tried to find a donor, they wouldn't test her because the kids, they were too young and they didn't want two parents down at one time," Noel explained. 

But this time they did, and Brandi Franks, his high school sweetheart and wife of 18 years was an exact match.

Noel's reaction to the news?

"Excited and scared and at first, I didn't want it to happen because you know, I didn't want her to have to go through that. Through this whole thing, God has taught me to, I had been praying for my will and not his. And praying for his will made me understand that my wife is the one for this whole process and he's going to take care of everything," Noel said. 

The surgery is scheduled for February 20 and the Franks' children are asking for prayers to keep their parents safe.

"Just pray for a great recovery and that for during the surgery that God will lay his hands on the doctors and that whoever out there needs a transplant, just to have patience and wait and God will bless you," said Noels's 17-year-old son, Cameron.

The community wanted to help offset the Franks' medical costs, so they put together a benefit spaghetti dinner, complete with silent auction. 

The dinner will take place at the Cherokee County Co-op in Rusk at 6 p.m. on Saturday. 

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