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Woman: I woke up to a sword going into my abdomen


A local woman who survived a sword attack is sharing her story exclusively with WBTV.

Detectives in York County say Phillip Perry broke into his estranged wife's home in the middle of the night and stabbed her.

Gercene Perry fought back and survived.

"I woke up to a sword going into my abdomen," she said.

Gercene says the incident felt like a nightmare. It began when her estranged husband 62-year-old Philip Perry broke into her house overnight and pounced on her while she was sleeping.

"I really thought I was in one of those Lifetime movies because I never thought it would happen to me," said Perry.

Gercene used her hands to fight back.

"I ended up stopping him to keep him from stabbing me completely through, and I said what are you doing, he said I'm going to kill you," said she said.

While Gercene struggled to get away, other family members in the house woke up to hear her screaming.

They called 911.

"I was able to finally get up out of bed, get the sword up out of me and that's how I cut my fingers, and I was blocking him and I ended up getting him away from me," said Perry.

Perry took off walking down the street. Deputies quickly found him and arrested him. You can see the signs of a struggle in his mug shot. Gercene says she still doesn't know what set him off, but it's a night she'll never forget. And she has a warning to others battling domestic violence.

"If you get that queasy feeling in your stomach, that's something's going to happen, make a move, get the authorities involved asap because it could be your last day," said Perry.

Perry is charged with attempted murder.

He's being held without bond at the Moss Justice Center in York County..

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