Slain officer's family speaks out

Jones' family spoke out on Monday
Jones' family spoke out on Monday
Jones' father, Loy Buff
Jones' father, Loy Buff

Davina Jones' family says that injustice is impossible to correct.

The former Bald Head Island Police Officer died on the job five years ago. Suicide, prosecutors say. Homicide, a state investigator and the family say.

Now, Jones' father is speaking out for the first time.

"We were stone-walled, treated horribly by authorities,"says Loy Buff. "It's been five long years. It's unbelievable."

Even Jones' Bald Head Island police chief believes she was murdered. Karen Grasty says she was one of the first people on scene that night, and knew immediately someone else has shot one of her officers.

Grasty and the Buffs' blame Brunswick County authorities, especially for what they said about Jones' last radio call before she died.

"Please put down the gun. You don't need a gun in Bald Head Island," Jones said in her final radio call to dispatch before she was killed.

District Attorney, Rex Gore says that call was staged as part of Jones' suicide plot. As recently as last week, he said he was in no hurry to re-open the case.

Both Gore and the Commission say crime scene evidence was spoiled, so even if it was murder, it's unlikely the killer could be caught.

Jones' family may not get that answer, but in this ordeal they have discovered something about themselves.

"If it weren't for the dedication of Loy Buff, we would have never come this far," Tanya Hart, Buff's daughter, said in a press conference on Monday.

Reported By Nicole Konkal