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Rep. Hamilton co-sponsors eugenics compensation bill

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Local NC House Representative Susi Hamilton has sponsored a bill that would compensate victims of forced sterilization in North Carolina.

Hamilton is one of five co-sponsors of the bill that would pay victims a tax free lump sum of $50,000.

"This long-overdue act of compensation is a way to acknowledge that we were wrong, our policies inhumane, and that we as a legislative body acknowledge that and want to do all that we can to make it right," said Rep.  Hamilton.  "We can never give back what we have taken away, but we can make an attempt at compensation.  It is the very least we can do."

From the 1929 through 1974, thousands of men and women were forcibly sterilized by the state.

According to Hamilton, North Carolina is the only state in the country that is working towards providing compensation for victims of these programs.

"North Carolina stands for justice, equality and opportunity for all its citizens," said Hamilton.

The North Carolina House of Representatives passed a similar bill last session, but it was not approved in the Senate.

If this bill were to pass, the State would set aside ten million dollars to cover the costs.

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