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County uses new plan to combat bed bugs in fire station

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – County leaders are now involved in the effort to clear bed bugs from a New Hanover County fire station.

A dog trained to locate bed bugs confirmed several spots with the pests in the Myrtle Grove station. The issue first came to the attention of county management in October.

Since then, there have been more than half a dozen attempts to remove the bugs, according to County Manager Chris Coudriet. He said several other reports of bed bugs have been controlled in that time.

"Myrtle Grove is an exception to that particular issue," he said.

The worst of the problem is in the sleeping quarters, so fire fighters will spend their overnight shifts in the daytime side of the station.

"There are terrible aspects to that and the consequences are unacceptable," said Coudriet.

Monday's bed bug search confirmed that the vehicles at the station are clear of any pests, so Coudriet said the public should not worry about any fire fighters carrying bed bugs.

The searches will continue in the rest of the fire stations to make sure there are not similar situations anywhere else.

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