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BIGAMY UPDATE: New legal trouble for wanted man

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Bigamy, fraud and stolen valor. There is new legal trouble for a man who already has felony warrants for his arrest in New Hanover County. 

Army Sergeant Timothy Pennock is now being investigated by the California National Guard. Inside sources tell us it's not just for multiple marriages.

We first told you about Pennock last fall. His wife had called our station distraught after she found out she wasn't his first wife, but his 4th, and that he was still married to wife number 3.

Kelly butler had married Pennock last spring in Wrightsville Beach when he was home on leave from Afghanistan. During the next 6 months, Butler found out the truth about the other women.

But now - there's more. Butler says while California National Guard investigators were researching the bigamy allegations, reading through letters Pennock had written her while deployed, they discovered he had been less than truthful about injuries he suffered on the battlefield.

Butler says Pennock lied about being stabbed by terrorists - and blown out of his Humvee by an IED.

Stories Butler says he later shared at wounded warriors events. "He'd be up there with guys who had lost limbs and had PTSD and serious injuries, and he'd be lying," she said.

Butler says Wounded Warriors paid for their meals, lodging, and more at various charity events, thinking they were paying tribute to a war hero. Pennock was even honored as a wounded warrior on the field during a Duke University football game...where Butler says the announcer read a list of his awards including 3 purple hearts. Purple hearts the military tells us Pennock has never received. "It disgusts me," Butler says of now knowing the truth.

Pennock is currently training with The California National Guard. A military spokesperson confirms they are investigating Pennock for a number of suspected violations of military law, and expect to make a decision on how to proceed within the next month.

We asked why the National Guard would let Pennock keep training when he has outstanding felony warrants for bigamy in North Carolina. They would only say that Pennock has been "administratively flagged," and cannot deploy again until this is resolved.

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