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Leland family braves cold with no heat

LELAND, NC - (WECT) - The temperatures continued to drop for the past couple nights, forcing one family in Leland to brace the cold with no central heat.

Amy Smith's heater broke in November. Her landlord says she has been working hard to try to repair it, and even is in the process of hiring a contractor to come repair the unit. However, until it's fixed the family is forced to get creative when it comes to dealing with the cold.

"It's miserable, very miserable," said Amy Smith. "It feels like you're outside.  Last night and the night before last I couldn't even sleep because it was so cold. My toes were numb and they were hurting so bad."

She says she is not just worried about herself, but is also concerned about how the heat is impacting her 19-month-old son.

"I'm worried he might get sick," said Smith. "To have him cold at night, it's not right." To stay warm, Amy and her boyfriend turn on the oven and run space heaters as much as possible. The three of them sleep on two couches in the living room at night, and hang up a sheet to block out the cold air.
"Walking on the floor barefoot you feel like you are walking on the ground when it's freezing," said Smith. Because it's in her lease, she says she has refused to pay rent until the heat is working. She says she is hoping for an answer so she doesn't have to spend any more nights without a working heater.

Her landlord says she is doing what she can to help out. She told the station, she provided one of the space heaters. In the meantime, because the January rent was not paid, she says she will be evicting the tenants.

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