Local singer advances on 'American Idol'

Amanda Lawrence on Fox's 'American Idol'
Amanda Lawrence on Fox's 'American Idol'

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Wilmington's Amanda Lawrence said watching last night's American Idol episode gave her chills.

"It was just crazy taking me back to the moment and reliving that process," she said. "I guess I forgot what it was like and the emotions came back."

Lawrence auditioned for the show in Charlotte. She was only one of 37 people to advance to the next round of American Idol, known as Hollywood week. Thousands tried out for the singing competition in Charlotte.

While we didn't see her audition on the show, we saw her moment of elation, when she found out she was advancing.

She said she sang Bring it on Home to Me, a Sam Cooke song.

If you want to see Lawrence perform live, she sings with local band, Shameless Prophets. Their next live performance is scheduled for Saturday, January 26 at Hell's Kitchen.

You can watch American Idol on FOX Wilmington.

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