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My Turn: Standing up to discrimination

Ilse Rosenberg with her caregiver Ilse Rosenberg with her caregiver

WECT reporter Ashlea Kosikowski uncovered what appears to be a case of discrimination last week.

She reported that a woman in a wheelchair was told she had to pay an extra $30 because she was disabled.  This wasn't for some type of physical therapy for her disability.  She was trying to get her nails done at a local salon.  Luckily Ilse Rosenberg spoke up.

But here's what concerns me.  How many other people paid the charge and figured they couldn't fight it, or went away quietly, a victim of discrimination?  Or worse yet, how many people think it's perfectly okay to charge extra for someone because they are handicapped.   

I just hope more people do what this brave lady did.  Ms. Rosenberg questioned an obvious wrong-doing, and in the process, she probably helped prevent this from happening to other people dealing with similar circumstances.  We certainly owe her our admiration and appreciation.  

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