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Police use no trespassing/loitering signs to target crime

TABOR CITY, NC (WECT) - Everyone is welcome at church. But soon certain people will not be allowed to park in either of the parking lots at Tabor City Baptist Church. 

Police Chief Donald Dowless says, the deacons were the first to jump on board with the idea of placing no trespassing and no loitering signs around.

He says, more than 30 known names will be targeted on the no trespassing list for Tabor City Baptist. 

"We'll get up there, they'll be so drunk some of them. They're as high as Georgia Pines. They're cussing around the kids up there at the daycare. This is one thing we do not need at a church base school. No one in Tabor City needs to here or see that." Said Dowless.

He believes posting the signs in parking lots around town will prevent robberies, like the one that happened at BB&T Bank back in 2011. Police say, the suspect was parked in a church parking lot.

"We have no trespassing forms here in town. We'll fill them out, if there are certain individuals who are told not to be on property, then once they're on property, they will be arrested.  We do not want people sitting around where they can go in and rob a bank or pharmacy or any of the businesses in town." Said Dowless. 

Some business owners told us off camera, they believe the idea will also help keep people from hanging around former state senator RC Soles' law firm. Soles has a history of run ins with young men. While we were in the area, we saw Allen Strickland enter Soles' office. Strickland has served time for harassing Soles.  

Police just hope, the new concept will help keep crime down.

We tried to contact former senator Soles about the signs to see if he would support them. While we were there, Allen Strickland approached us and offered to call Soles. But once Strickland handed us the phone and we identified ourselves, Soles hung up on us. We called back and were told, Soles had left for lunch. 

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