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My Turn: $100 fee to message a stranger on Facebook

I don't participate in "social media" much, and I do not have a Facebook account.  But one of our staff members uncovered something unusual last week you should know about if you are a Facebook user. 

Someone tried to send a message to Michelle Li on Facebook.  And since the person hadn't "liked" Michelle's page yet, they were asked to pay $100 to send the message.

Here's what I'd like you to know.  This isn't WECT or Michelle asking for the money.  This appears to be Facebook.

Michelle dug a little deeper and found out Facebook is experimenting with this type of pay to play scenario for friends or acquaintances not yet linked-up on their social media site. Michelle just happened to unknowingly get chosen for the experiment.  But it appears it could happen to anyone.

Our folks get dozens of messages daily on Facebook from viewers or people in the community.  We don't charge money to have access to our journalists.  In fact, it's against company policy to accept gifts.

I know Facebook is trying to grow its revenue and improve its stock price.  But I can't believe Facebook is attracting many "friends" doing it this way.

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