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Wilmington non-profit leader turns himself into police

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The founder of a local non-profit group in Wilmington turned himself into police Tuesday morning on criminal charges. 

Wilmington Police confirm Raymond Bates faces a charge of assault with a deadly weapon after an alleged incident outside Front Street Brewery, where Bates worked until recently. Bates is the founder of the N.O.T.T.T. Foundation (Nothing Other Than The Truth), which aims to help troubled youth. 

Bates spoke with WECT.com Tuesday about the alleged incident, because he said he's very active in the community and he wants to make sure people know this situation is not as it appears. 

"I'm not going to let someone take my freedom away from me," he said. "I have nothing to hide."

According to police, Bates was working as a security guard at Front Street Brewery on January 3. It is restaurant policy to offer workers an escort to their car when they ask for one.  A female employee did ask for the escort and Bates walked her to her car. The two spoke while they walked, but, according to police, at one point Bates is accused of pushing up against her and pulling a knife on her. Police say the victim said he removed the knife and someone else walked her to her car.

The victim filed a report on January 13, according to police. 

Bates said this is a false accusation, and he warns other man of similar situations.

"Anybody could make an accusation and then you find yourself in a situation like I'm in where you have to defend yourself."

Bates said he did not pull a knife on the woman. He says employees were discussing various security measures earlier inside the restaurant and Bates showed his knife to people as one method to defend yourself. He said he does not know where this accusation is coming from. He worked at Front Street Brewery until this past Sunday. 

The owner of the business said he no longer has a contract with Bates and his organization to monitor the streets in downtown Wilmington. He clarified that it is not connected to his incident, but to the decrease in crime in 2012.

Bates was booked Tuesday and released on an unsecured bond.

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