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Deputies try to settle dispute but couldn't pick a side

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A sewer project along Cedar Hill Road in Navassa has been years in the making. In November, the Town voted to condemn Willie Robbins' property to start work.

Town leaders have to get moving on the project or lose funding, but Robbins said construction began before he even had the chance to respond. Now, he's doing all he can to stop a portion of his property from being condemned.

Robbins said, according to a summons from a town, he was under the impression that he would have 30 days to respond to the condemnation of part of his property. Since the paperwork was filed December 21, he was surprised to see backhoes and tractors setting up earlier this month.

"I haven't heard nothing from court," said Robbins. "My time is not up – my 30 days. They are just coming onto my property and doing what they want."

It all came to a head Friday morning when Robbins blocked the work with his brother's truck. Deputies came to settle the disagreement and decided they couldn't side with anyone.

According to an attorney for the Town of Navassa, protocol includes sending a letter announcing the plan in advance, but as soon as the condemnation is filed the property owner can only fight the amount of money they will be paid.

Robbins said it's frustrating to know there is nothing he can do now to stop his land from being plowed up.

The Town's attorney said he spoke with Robbins' attorney to make sure he was clear about the situation. He said he is surprised that Robbins thought he had more time.

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