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My Turn: Lance Armstrong and the LIVESTRONG charity

Lance Armstrong has started down a long path now that he has finally admitted to doping while winning his record-setting seven Tour De France titles.

It won't be a quick journey because it's not a simple case of forgive and forget. The denials went on for far too long and there are many victims along the way that have suffered irreparable harm because of Armstrong's dishonesty.

The charity Lance Armstrong founded, LIVESTRONG, has raised millions of dollars and provided support to thousands of cancer victims. What bothers me is that I've heard some people trying to rationalize his cheating and then try to quickly turn the discussion in the direction of all the good he has been able to do.

I'm not buying it. Teammates were pressured and intimidated. Members of his team who dared to speak up about what was really taking place were threatened and shamed. Armstrong sued media outlets and sports writers and he ruined many lives and careers.

I'm all about forgiveness. And I can appreciate all that has been done by LIVESTRONG. But what we should not do is try to honor Lance Armstrong for his racing achievements or condone cheating because it ultimately helped raise money for worthwhile cause.

That's my turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Emailed comments from viewers:

Can you name any big time sports hero from the last decade who never doped? Can you prove they didn't? The media has destroyed sports and pretty much anything that makes any difference. You should blame yourself for being a part of a group that cheats, and lies. NBC is guilty of such things, not taking steroids but lying to everyone about safety issues, causing harm to many more than your precious Lance. Don't be a hypocrite and throw stones, remove the log from your eye before trying to remove the twig in ours. Do what's right and stop speaking of things that want make any difference in this life or the next.

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