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WEATHER: Will flakes fly? - The breakdown

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The run of near record warmth we have experienced the last week will be replaced with a winter storm that will bring rain, cold weather and perhaps even some snow flurries for inland counties in eastern North Carolina.

A strengthening low pressure center moves toward the coast throughout the day today. For the first half of the day temperatures will still surge to 70 degrees ahead of the cloud cover and cooler air. But by the afternoon things will start to change. Showers, first hit and miss, will fill in bringing as much as an inch or better of precipitation to the area throughout the evening. Breezy conditions will accompany this as well.

It is as the low pressure slides to our east and north that enough cold air could wrap around, perhaps, to produce some light snow in eastern North Carolina. With ground temperatures still balmy any sticking snow in our area is a bad bet. But Raleigh back toward Greensboro could see some accumulation. So any hopes of sleigh rides down Sugarloaf are a long shot.

By Friday morning the rain, and any small snow chances, will shut off from west to east as the system moves through. In its wake expect temperatures to struggle into the mid 40s on Friday in spite of the sunny conditions, falling to the 20s by Saturday morning.

Sunday will be slightly warmer and less windy with high temperatures around the low 60s.

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