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Despite Sweepstakes venues closing, 777 going strong

WILMINGTON, NC - (WECT) - While sweepstakes venues in Pender County and Columbus County are shutting down, one in Wilmington is still going strong.

The owner of 777's located on Market Street and Gordon Road, says he spent December installing a new software which he believes will let him keep his doors open.

"That's their business decision," said owner Leo Daniels. "We chose not to shut down unless we absolutely have too." Daniels says he started using a new software in the New Swordfish Sweepstakes System on January 3, the same day the ban went into effect.

"We have to have this in order to meet the new law - this is no entertaining display this just displays the winnings," said Daniels. The software gives customers the option of a pre-reveal, basically letting them win or lose money without even playing a game.

Daniels says he recently received a letter from Global Enterprise Services, a gaming compliance testing lab. He says the letter confirms that his new software, does not fall within the current ban, because it does not require the entertaining display to conduct the sweepstakes or to reveal the prize.

"That is what we believe and that is what we have a letter stating," said Daniels. While he doesn't know for sure what will happen, in the meantime he is going to keep his games running and the lights on as long as possible.

The City of Wilmington recently stated their review of the law shows the software update does not make the system legal.  Daniels says he hadn't heard that yet, but he does have a lawyer and that's something the courts will have to decide.

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