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Your makeup is probably toxic, says Intuitive Color creator

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Your makeup is probably toxic to some degree, even if you buy mineral makeup.

Kristen Campbell is a small business owner with a big dream.  She says she was tired of using makeup that wasn't good for her face.  She was also tired of buying makeup that seemed cakey and heavy.

"Everyone has their thing in life that they're obsessed with," said Campbell.  "And this is my thing." 

Campbell has spent a long time working with the right group of suppliers she says to create the makeup line, Intuitive Color.  She wanted to create a makeup that didn't have the ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  Although those are things found in common items, Campbell said she didn't want to be expose herself further.  

"Whether it's a natural makeup, a mineral makeup or something you buy at the department store, they all have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  It's the base of all makeup," said Campbell.

Campbell now creates makeup with three major ingredients:  mango butter, jojoba esters and sea buckthorn oil.  It is 100-percent vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and no animal testing, she adds.

Celebrities like Courteney Cox and Denise Richards have even used Intuitive Color.

She also launched an Indiegogo campaign to help her raise money.  Campbell says there isn't anyone else who makes makeup the way she does.

"I want to revolutionize makeup," she said.

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