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City approves funding to repair Water Street Parking Deck

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - City leaders are spending thousands on repairs to the ailing Water Street Parking Deck.

Tonight, council members approved $669,100 to pay for fixes that will secure and maintain the structure.

Mayor Bill Saffo said, "We have to shore up the deck until there is a decision on what to do with the property."

These repairs would allow the city to use the deck for three to five years while the city evaluates their long term plans.

There has been a lot of debate over the past few years as to what to do with the deck. In 2007, the city bought half of the structure for $2.6 million. A few years later, they purchased the rest of it.

Saffo said there has been a lot of interest in making the deck a park.

Two citizens spoke out about this at tonight's meeting. They said the city promised a park six years ago but there's been no movement to make this happen.

Saffo said the city needs to move toward having a serious discussion over what needs to be done with the spot, but also figure out what the city will do to address the parking that will be eliminated once the deck is destroyed.

He said there is a possibility that it will be a park, but the city is going to take a closer look at this over the next few years.

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