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My Turn: Defining the Second Amendment

Let me start this segment off by letting you know that I am a gun owner.  And I've killed my fair share of game. 

Let me also tell you that I am not a constitutional attorney.  But I can say with near certainty that when the Second Amendment was written, it had nothing to do with hunting. 

The Second Amendment is fairly short, but not simple:  "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

The Second Amendment was written over 200 years ago. Times were different and the big concern of our forefathers was protection against tyranny. This amendment green-lighted organizing a militia made up of common everyday citizens like blacksmiths, retailers and farmers.  Many constitutional scholars go on to include other items like self-defense or participating in law enforcement. But hunting doesn't find its way into that discussion. 

I just wonder what would happen to this whole debate if people sat down and had a real discussion on the Second Amendment and why our forefathers wanted that language included in the Bill of Rights. They just may find out the reason we aren't getting anywhere is because we aren't being honest about why those guns are being protected in the first place.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at


Emailed comments from viewers:

Just wanted to say "thank you" for your statements about the 2nd Amendment and its true purpose. So many people are unaware and uninformed. Many are even purposefully misinformed. I greatly appreciate you taking a stand on such an important topic at such an important time. I realize it may not be easy or popular to present this view but know that there are many who agree with and support you. One important idea to consider as well is that without the "right to keep and bear arms", "freedom of the press" could be easily silenced. Thank you for using your available forum to educate and inform. So many use their available forums to push political views with which i disagree. It is only fair that you use yours. Have a great day.


AMEN ! !    To MyTurn on 2nd Amendment segment. .


I always enjoy your comments and for the most part agree with them. I wish you had a daily column in the Star News in place of those vacuum headed opinions they so often have. I wish an explanation was given what qualifies someone to apparently regularly be paid for what are so often bone headed biased editorials.


You are absolutely correct in your view of the rationale behind the drafters of second amendment. And gun owners down deep know it.

Here is the real issue.

Many good people love to own, possess, collect, hunt with and shoot all manner of firearms.

But as with many good things, the rewards of gun ownership come with an associated risk.

For air travelers there is a finite risk of crashing that must be weighted against the reward of easy travel. Risk traded off vs reward.

Similarly for good honest firearms owners they recognize that the proliferation of firearms associated with their hobby carries some risk of death due to abuse by criminals, inquisitive children finding unsecured weapons, emotionally distraught people, or use by mentally disturbed people. But they operate under the assumption that they will not personally be touched by such things.

It all comes down to weighing  the risk vs the reward.

So for many gun owners:

- If a few people they don't know get killed with firearms it seems  that while regrettable, the risk of gun ownership is still worth the cost.

- If someone they know in their own community  gets killed or maimed with guns they tend to think it is  terrible but still the price that must be paid for our right to have guns and pursue our sports.

- if someone they know personally gets killed when expressing condolence's to widows or parents  they start to think that maybe these guns are not a good idea but still they may be on the fence about giving up their own weapons.

- But if one's own child or grandchild is killed we  see sobbing, screaming at the skies, calling on god and yelling "why". "Guns! Madness! No sport or hobby is worth one's own child's life.

 For all those dead and maimed, it it is too late. For those children  and adults who will die if we do not act, there is still hope.

Give them hope.


I normally hate your right-wing comments but you have my kudos on this one.

Yes, we need to read and understand the Second Amendment without skipping the "well-regulated militia" phrase.

Thank you for shedding more light to the original meaning.


That was very well said ! I also am a legal gun owner, member of the NRA and have been shooting since I was a little girl growing up in Kentucky. I do not think us as private citizens need guns that will cut down a tree. We aren't at war, & if you feel the need for large ammo get a 45 or a Desert Eagle. Either would stop anything in it's tracks.  All of us should be on an even field. Not 1 with a 22 pistol and 1 with an AK. That's my turn thank you...


Thanks for your message today at 6:10.  You are right about the 2nd amendment.  I believe all people have the natural right to defend themselves and any laws that allow criminals (or government) to overpower the common American are against the second amendment.  Hopefully enough good Americans will have the honesty and courage to defend these natural rights and contact our congressmen in NC to strike down any new laws against access to firearms and magazines carrying more than 10 rds.  Good people follow laws and criminals do not.  This is not an argument of "need", this is a matter of rights.  When people say you do not need 30 rds to hunt I say this is not what the second amendment is about.   The ones asking why do you need 30 rds are usually the ones without much knowledge and experience with firearms.  I think we should try enforcing the laws we already have before creating arcane laws that have done nothing in the past and will do nothing if passed.  Thanks.


Thanks for the comment on the Second Admendment. I think a lot of people think that our Forefathers wrote it just so we could carry a gun or go hunting, but i think the real meaning is for an Armed militia for tyranny. All you hear on the news is gun control & that we have a right to bear arms nothing about a Militia for the purpose of stopping the government for taking over . Can you tell me where there is a Militia,& how can i join?


I just watched, for at least the second time, your commentary on gun control.  I think you are for it, but your words do not make it clear.


Well, I am beyond amazed that someone in the "media" business actually might understand the 2nd Amendment... I wonder why the media doesn't also trumpet that the authors of the Bill of Rights (which apparently most people don't understand is an enumeration of rights, not something "granted" by government) never anticipated TV and the internet when they enumerated free speech as the first amendment, yet I'm sure they would defend their rights to free speech in all formats.

Can you say double standard??

What do they teach in history in schools now? Do people remember Kent State? The Gov. knew about contaminated water at LaJeune since the 50s? The Gov. experimented on innocent US citizens... During Katrina officials went door to door and confiscated guns from law abiding citizens minding their own business--for which they lost a major lawsuit.

 Ruby Ridge? Waco?

Yep, nothing to fear... hey, I'm not a conspiracy kind of person, and in general don't necessarily believe that an evil government is imminent-but to outright deny it's a possibility is to ignore world history.

There might be hope yet for the "media"...

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