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Surveillance video could help ETX police nab robbers


Rusk Police Department have obtained surveillance video of the night two women were attacked outside of the radio station.

The Cherokee County Court house's camera captured surveillance video of Sunday night, one block from where two women were attacked while leaving the KWRW radio station.

Rusk police believe they will be able to use the footage even though it didn't capture the actual attack. Police plan to enhance the video to see the license plates of passing cars before and after the attack. They believe one of the vehicles could be the attackers or someone who witnessed the attack.

"We're going to review the video. We have several vehicles that were in the area at the time. We are going to review the video and see if any of those people will be able to help us with the investigation," Lieutenant Jamie Campbell of the Rusk Police Department.

Both of the women in the attack suffered minor scratches and bruises from the attack.
If you have any information you are asked to call Cherokee county crime stoppers.

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