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Cool gadgets from CES - the daily list from Tech Launch Pad


WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - It's Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and already there are some clear themes. 

Kristen Bean from Tech Launch Pad says this is the year of the TV.  TVs are getting smarter and slimmer as so many are now connected to devices like Google TV, Roku or Apple TV that bring the web into your television experience.  

LG unveiled a OLED TV on Day 1 that is getting a lot of attention.  The Ultra-HDTV is a 55-inch and costs $12,000.  LG continues to collaborate with Google TV and has all the latest bells and whistles available, including V3 updates and the elusive Amazon app.  LG and Google worked out a deal for that one, but it has hardcore Amazon users wishing they owned LGs for the time being.

"TVs are really big this year," said Bean.  "A lot of people are introducing larger screens.  As I was walking around just earlier today, I think they had like a 100-plus inch on the walls, and they had a picture of a big yellow flower.  It was just beautiful, I mean, I don't know how many people are going to buy it and put it in their living rooms, but a lot of televisions coming out are much slimmer."

Bean shared with us a few of the items from the CES floor.  They were not $12,000 TVs but items most people could see themselves purchasing in the next year:

- 16 " USB monitor from AOC - Bean says pair it with your laptop and then you can have two monitors while you're working.  Plugs in with USB. 

- H8030 by Rapoo - These are wireless headphones but they have a dongle that allows you to chat online without the wires.  Just plug it into a USB and you're set.

- Swann security system - This company is known for making security devices, but it's unveiling a new security system with a door eye.  It has a built-in camera so you can see who's at your door.  It records in real time, has rechargeable batteries, and is also weather resistant.  Bean says it's one of the first few on the market that has a built in camera and weather resistant.

- The Edge Sound from Cube Edge - A lot of people are launching blue tooth speakers this year and this one is really light-weight, made with eco-friendly materials.  Hook it up to your mp3 player.  It also has a built in mic that will allow you to chat online.  

- Geneva Model XS - These speakers also play AM or FM radio.  It comes in a nice leather case for travel. 

Want to see more off the CES Floor?  Click here to watch a LIVE Google Plus Hangout at 3:30 p.m. EST with Michelle Li to ask questions and check out the scene.

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