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DBA challenges city leaders to make downtown safer

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - At least one group of people is trying to make their neighborhood safer.

Members of the Downtown Business Alliance have been on high alert ever since the murder of Joshua Proutey near the USO building late last month.

Proutey was gunned down for $10 dollars and a sandwhich in a parking lot near 2nd and Orange in late December.

On Monday night, about 20 business owners gathered at the Checkered Cab Gallery in downtown wilmington to discuss ways to improve safety in the downtown area.

DBA President, Jim Bitto opened the floor to suggestions from area business owners who all seem to agree that safety is an issue.

"This is everyone's downtown," said Bitto.  "We want to make it as safe as possible but we need to work together to make it safer and I think the city needs to step up and take a more pro-active approach."

Lt. George Perkins with the WPD is responsible for downtown officers. 

Perkins wants business owners to know that they should never hesitate to call 911 if they see a suspicious character or suspicious activity.

Perkins also says he wants to be notified if any of his officers are seen "clustered" downtown. 

As for the rest of the DBA, they plan to challenge city leaders to look for more opportunities to improve safety downtown.

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