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Scam reported in Brunswick County

BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WECT) – According to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, there have been reports of unidentified individuals asking residents, by telephone or in person, to donate to the Brunswick Sheriff's Charitable Foundation or towards the 2nd Annual Charity Ball to be held on February 21.

Chairperson Monique Stenquist has been notified of the fraudulent activity.

The foundation does not solicit donations by phone or by email and advises everyone that these individuals are posing as members of the foundation in an attempt to scam people for money.

Foundation officials and Brunswick County Sheriff's Office are advising the public to be alert and that if you are called, emailed, or approached and asked to give money to the foundation, call 911 to report the scam.

Legitimate information regarding the foundation and upcoming ball can be found at or by calling (910) 253-0922.

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