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Fans in stands ejected after high school basketball game grows heated

Courtesy photo from scene. Courtesy photo from scene.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A basketball game between North Brunswick and Whiteville high schools became heated Friday night and ended in all fans being forced to leave the game.

According to the Whiteville High Athletic Director, David Smith, after a hard foul at the game, a Whiteville player was hit in the head with two water bottles, and was subsequently restrained by his coach.

Fans in the stands proceeded to swarm the court, while players and coaches from both teams tried to stop them.

Once the floor was eventually cleared, both schools felt it would be best that all fans be removed from the gym, so that nothing else started.

The game continued with no fans in the stands, and no ejections or disqualifications were made for any players in the game.

Smith said that he believes that a video of the game shot by the school will be reviewed to see if they can figure out who threw the water bottle.

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