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New state law requires background check sooner

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A new state law, effective January 1, 2013, will keep any questionable characters from applying for jobs at child care facilities.

State lawmakers passed House Bill 737 in an effort to increase safety for children in daycare.

The result is a change to the background check process, according to Judy Holland, Education Coordinator for Pax Natura Academy at Childcare Network.

The checks used to be a part of the hiring process, done by the licensed care center. Holland said now it's up to the applicant to provide his or her own proof of a clean background.

"The positive is that employees we hire are already cleared by the state, even before the interview process," she said.

Before the change, potential employees would be in and out of daycares during the hiring process. Now the only ones allowed inside are already cleared to interact with children, and those who are not cleared are nowhere in sight.

"If they know they have a questionable background for childcare, they won't even apply," Holland said.

The only downside, she mentioned, is the time it can take to replace someone.

Holland said she and her fellow childcare professionals will continue to watch for changes in childcare safety from state lawmakers.

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