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My Turn: Why we can't get the economy back on track

Kicking the can down the road.  It's an old saying, but thanks to our leaders in Washington, we hear it a lot these days.  They've mastered the art quite well.    And I have a prediction to make.  They will do it again in some form or fashion trying to avoid the "fiscal cliff."

It becomes more and more apparent the reason we can't get this economy on track is because our leaders can't get their act together.  It is the uncertainty of our taxing and spending policies that has everyone waiting and watching on the sidelines.  It makes decisions on adding jobs or making investments nearly impossible.

The Congressional approval rating has been hovering around 20% lately.  That is a pitifully low number.  But it still makes me wonder who those people are and why they think our leaders in Washington are doing a good job.

But that aside, there are 80% of us who think they are doing a lousy job.  And that should be enough to get them fired.  Now I know we have to wait nearly two years to do that, but that shouldn't stop us from letting them know now of our intentions if they don't change their ways.

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