Mary Lee, the 16-foot great white shark, near Carolina Beach

Courtesy: OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker
Courtesy: OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Mary Lee, the great white shark, was near the coast of Carolina Beach Saturday night.

This is a story we've been following for weeks on

The OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker uses data from sharks tagged with satellite tracking technology and posts information about where the sharks "ping" on its website. To see the shark's track, check here:

Mary Lee was tagged off the coast of Cape Cod in September of this year. She has checked in several times off of the Carolina coastline.

Earlier Saturday, she was near Topsail Island. Last week, she pinged near Wrightsville Beach.

Great white sharks very rarely come to the surface where humans can observe them, so the tracking tool is revealing much more about the lives they lead.

To see video of a great white shark that was caught on tape near our coast, click here.

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