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McIntyre optimistic for 'fiscal cliff' resolution

Congressman Mike McIntyre Congressman Mike McIntyre

WASHINGTON, DC (WECT) - North Carolina Representative Mike McIntyre (D-7) says he's optimistic leaders in Washington will be able to reach a solution before the so-called "fiscal cliff" is triggered at the beginning of the year.

Congressman McIntyre called into Carolina in the Morning on WECT Friday only hours after news that Republicans could not come to an agreement on House Speaker John Boehner's alternative tax proposal that would have allowed rates to change for certain high wage earners.

"I think ironically the message last night to the Speaker was you've got have a bi-partisan agreement," Congressman Mike McIntyre said. "It can't be a one way deal."

McIntyre says any proposal is going to have to include control on government spending, because he says businesses need certainty right now.

"When we come back together right after Christmas Day, we're going to be in a position to have a strong opportunity for agreement. I'm optimistic about how that will work," McIntyre said.

The congressman, who will begin his ninth term in Congress next month, also says gun control will be an issue when lawmakers return. President Obama tapped Vice President Joe Biden to lead a group of administration officials in offering recommendations for safety in the wake of the school shooting in Connecticut that led to more than two dozen deaths.

McIntyre would not commit to any type of legislation pertaining to firearms in our interview.

"That debate has yet to come up of course here in Washington, because right now we're in a time of reflection and remembrance and grieving," McIntyre said. "I think what we have to do is have a national dialogue to discuss the culture of violence that unfortunately has become prevalent in our society. And do that to make sure we're protecting our citizens and children, but do it at the same time while protecting our 2nd amendment rights."

McIntyre says proposals regarding mental health will need to be included in that discussion as well.

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