Serial 911 caller busted

Jason Ward says he likes flashing blue and red lights. In fact, he likes flashing lights so much, it landed him in jail. The price for calls like this? Time in jail for Ward. Thousands of dollars of tax-payers money wasted.

"Hello, I need a rescue or somebody because someone got drowned in a pool," said Ward in one of the calls to New Hanover County 911.

"You said someone is drowning," questioned the dispatcher.

"Yeah," was Ward's answer.

"Can you get them out," asked the dispatcher. Ward replied, "No, I am scared of water."

News 6 first interviewed Ward, as he sat behind bars in the New Hanover County Jail on Wednesday.

"I like seeing fire trucks and stuff," Ward said.

Wilmington Detective Bobby Benton says Ward made more than 40 calls within a month to the Wimbledon Chase Apartments and the Forest Hills area, reporting everything from fires to drownings and other bizarre crimes.

"Someone is molesting a little puppy," authorities say Ward said in one 911 call.

"What are they doing to the puppy?" asked an almost shocked dispatcher.

"They are molesting it," Ward said again.

Authorities say Ward's calls were all priority calls. That means that police, EMS and fire crews were all dispatched to the scene.

The result? The pranks cost the city thousands of dollars.

Authorities say Ward used a disconnected cell phone to dial 911, wasting time and money and putting responders at risk.

"When we are tied up looking for bogus victims, someone that really needs us has to wait," Benton says.

Now Ward is the one waiting. Waiting to make bail.

Reported By Nicole Konkal