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Man who spotted great white shark off our coast now has a whale of a tale

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) –Matt Garrett seems to have great luck capturing marine life on camera. First, he shared his encounter with an 18-foot great white shark with us. Now, he has a whale of a tale.

Last November, Garrett shot video of a great white off our coast

The video has earned him 5.9 million views on YouTube and the nickname "Shark Man" with his friends.

It was also the most-watched video on our website in all of 2011. To watch it, click here.

Recently, Garrett captured video of what he thinks are two humpback whales while on a fishing trip two miles off the coast of Wrightsville Beach.

He was on the same boat as he was when he taped the great white.

Because Garrett's great white video became viral, he chose to monetize it on YouTube, which means he collects a portion of the money from the ad revenue from those who attach their commercials to his videos. Garrett is from Connecticut and was deeply touched by the tragedy in Newtown. He plans to give half of the money he makes from those who watch his videos on YouTube to the families of victims of the shooting massacre.

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