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Lucky family gets surprise Christmas gift at K-Mart

WILMINGTON (WECT) - One lucky family got a surprise Christmas gift Tuesday night.  Thanks to the help of complete strangers, one Grandmother received a $210 gift card to K-Mart for free.

Linda Hinton and her family spent Tuesday afternoon collecting donations in the Kmart parking lot. They stood outside for more than five hours with big signs asking drivers for donations.  After collecting over $200 dollars, Hinton bought a gift card to K-Mart and gave it to a random stranger shopping in the store.  The winner was a great-grandmother who was shopping with her daughter and her baby.

"When you give to random people, you just have to have faith that it's going to be used in the right way," said Hinton.

Hinton says she likes to donate money herself, but this year, her family is a little low on money so Hinton decided to teach her children some good values and collect donations.

"I really believe what goes around comes around," said Hinton.  "I want to teach my daughter that if you give, in some way it will come back to you and you'll live a better life."

Hinton said the winning family was so excited that she plans to do this again next year.

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