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My Turn: Psy leaves protest song lyrics up to 'interpretation'

"Kill those (expletive) Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives. Kill those (expletive) Yankees who ordered them to torture."

Those are the words of a popular performer who has a hit song right now.  His name is Psy and he is the guy responsible for the Gangnam Style song and dance. He apparently rapped those lyrics from someone else's song in protest of the Iraqi War in 2004.

Fast forward eight years and with a career that is largely dependent on millions of Americans attending his concerts and buying his songs; it's no surprise that Psy is apologizing.  He said, among other things, "I'm deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted."

Interpreted?  Doesn't leave much room for interpretation to me.  The rest of his apology portrayed a much more mature man and a regretful heart.  But that one line ruined it for me. 

People can be forgiving about a lot of things.  But his leaving those lyrics up to our "interpretation" also gives us a good reason to carefully interpret how we will view this performer going forward.

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