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Request for $300k to pull over mirrors actions of 'sovereign citizen'

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A so-called "sovereign citizen" from Myrtle Beach told 911 dispatchers in Brunswick County Monday night she would pull over for deputies if she were paid $300,000.

Jeniffer Herring called 911 to report the deputies who were following her on Highway 130 near Oxpen Road with their lights and sirens on.

Herring refused to pull over, claiming she did nothing wrong. She also told the 911 operator on the line that a "false sense of emergency" is a $300,000 fine.

"Are you ready to pay the $300,000? That's all I want to know. If you want to pay the $300,000 then I'll pull over. That's my offer - $300,000. That's my offer, I'm asking you to accept it," Herring tried to negotiate with the 911 operator.

The sheriff's office said Herring's actions mirror of a "sovereign citizen."

Basically, this group of people believes that federal, state and local governments operate illegally. The FBI said these citizens don't pay their taxes and regularly create false license plates, driver's license and even currency. Additionally, they are known to resist law enforcement and threaten to sue them or request money.

A new law went into effect December 1 that toughened the punishment for "sovereign citizens" or anyone who tries to file a false claim or demands money from officers.

NC General Statute 14-118.6 beefs up the charges from a misdemeanor to a felony.

On top of that, the register of deeds has the ability to reject a claim if they believe it is false or unreasonable.

"It will greatly cut down on the ability of those people to try that avenue number one and number two the difficulties that the officers experience on the back end and the expense they have to for just trying to do their job," said Captain Mose Highsmith with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office.

Herring has not filed any claim against any law enforcement officer at this time.

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